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“Pork and Beans” Video

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If there is one word to describe Weezer’s fifth studio album, Make Believe, that word is “flop.” Despite the song “Beverly Hills’” commercial success, Weezer fans of all type were disappointed and disgruntled with the effort, so much so that some Weezer fans even became former-Weezer fans.

But a few weeks ago, fans found a light at the end of the tunnel in the song “Pork and Beans.” The song is the first single off of Weezer’s Red Album, to be released on June 3. “Pork and Beans” is reminiscent of a better time for Weezer and its fans alike. Think Blue Album.

Since then, three more songs have leaked: “Heart Songs,” “Troublemaker,” and “Dreamin.” So far, the tracks have not been received as well as “Pork and Beans,” so excitement for the new album has died down considerably. But Chris Crocker wants us to “Leave Weezer alone!” At least, that’s the impression you might get from “PnB’s” official video. The video features Chris Crocker and just about every other YouTube one-hit wonder. Tay Zonday and Rivers even do a duet!

Anyway, the video is. . . .clever. Or cute. Something like that. A little annoying, because we all kind of thought those “celebrities” died or something. You know, everyone just willingly forgot about them. But now you will be reminded why you thought Coke and Mentos were so cool. Perhaps the video is a work of pure ingenuity, though. The music industry and the internet have a history of not meshing well, but the video combines the two in a well-marketable way. Oh yeah, nice ‘stache Rivers.

Check it out for yo’self:


Written by Jacob Z

May 30, 2008 at 11:14 pm

One Response

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  1. Looks great man. Feel free to create categories you want and stuff. But really, this is a great start for teh blag. I’m going to go ahead and unpublish the other post (it will still exist, but it won’t be visible to the public, just us). Also, if you want to do a review thing, once you type up the post, on the right of the editor, you can click the drop down bar labeled “Publish Status” and select “Pending Review.” I haven’t tested it, but that should work.

    Sorry if this wasn’t clear, kinda rushed and urgent.

    Looks good though!

    Marshall B

    May 31, 2008 at 12:23 am

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