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Ever find yourself talking to someone who is trying heart and soul to convince you that Panic(!) at the Disco is the greatest emo band ever (“Until they released that stupid indie album omg!!”)? Annoyed with having to run to multiple sources because you can’t remember which one has the quote or fact you need? Don’t even know which one is right?

Fortunately, Questionable Content’s Wiki has a great article on emo! It has everything that Wikipedia lacks (although it’s more what Wikipedia has that is the problem, I suppose; that “third wave emo” is so ridiculous), and is more up to date that Fourfa. By the way, Andy Radin, Fourfa’s author, was, if I remember, part of the scene as it was going on — and he’s a real bad ass. (Make sure to check out Fourfa’s great hate mail page!)

So here it is: everything you could ever want or need to know about emo, replete with fliers, mini-biographies, and more! The Questionable Content Wiki entry on Emo.

The author puts into words a thought I’ve been trying to figure out how to express well for awhile now:

I’ll acknowledge that a lot of the above information is revisionist to an extent but that is the nature of the beast. As previously mentioned, there has never been a musician who called his music ‘Emocore’ and literally everyone in the above bands would detest the use of the word. The term is useful to categorise an era and aesthetic but shouldn’t be taken as gospel. If I pointed to a car and asked what it was, you’d say it was a car without thinking twice. This is because you have decided that it is a useful catch-all term for the sum of many smaller components. One can use Emocore in the same way.

Knock yourselves out.


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June 1, 2008 at 9:13 pm

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