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Behind the mask of a Villain

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So for the past couple of years, I have been really into a certain Hip-Hop artists known most commonly as MF DOOM. In one song done with madlib (In a project called Madvillain) he had a song called “All Caps”. One of the lines in the song was “just remember make it all caps when you spell the mans name”. Hence me spelling MF DOOM in all caps.

So i have been doing a lot of research on the guy, where I found out quite a bit about him. He doesn’t release a lot to the press, and was never seen without his mask, at least nobody knows if they have seen him without his mask, because we have never seen his face.

This mystery man has a name, Daniel Dumile(doom-UH-lay). He was born in Great Britain and was raised in Long Beach, New York. He had a brother who also was an emcee. Now he lives with his wife and two kids in an unknown location.

Dumile’s first appearence was with his brother known as Subroc, and Onyx the birthstone kid in an early ninetys rap group called KMD (Kausing Much Damage). At the time, he was known as the emcee Zev Love X They released two albums, entitled “Mr. Hood” and “Black Bastards”. Unfortunately, Dumile’s brother Subroc died in a tragic car accident.

During ’98, Dumile started performing solo, concealing his identity with a stocking over his head. He started calling himself MF DOOM. The name MF DOOM was influenced by Marvel’s own Victor VonDoom, the villain from the fantastic four. He also had a mask made for him to look like Dr. VonDoom’s also, that he wears at every show he has performed at. Dumile’s style is different from most emcees. The most obvious difference is his voice. His voice had a significant change from his career as Zev Love X (a more higher & happier tone) to MF DOOM (a more depressed element to it). I think that his change in style had a lot to do with the death of his brother.

It is said that Dumile doesn’t perform at his own concerts at times. An imposter goes and poorly lip-syncs songs and leaves with the clubs money, all with the concent of Dumile himself. Sometimes Dumile goes to his own shows, performs one or two songs, and leaves. I am personally okay with this, actually it makes me love him all the more, because it adds to his super villain persona.

Dumile has other side projects/alter-egos also. King Geedorah, named after a monster in the Godzilla movies is one of his alter-ego’s, as well as one of my favorite projects of his. Other projects include Monsta Island czars(early members=MF DOOM, MF Grimm, and X-ray), Madvillain(with beat kunducta aka Madlib), Dangerdoom (with producer danger mouse), Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingas, and is also associated with many other emcees, such as group “De La Soul” and “ghostface Killah” of Wu-Tang Clan.

here is a video of Dumile, performind his single “Peach Fuzz”, with KMD in the 9o’s. He is the one with the hat that has an X on it, the lip ring and the glasses.


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June 3, 2008 at 10:14 pm

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  1. Thank you for this post. Really. It’s very interesting how such a mysterious man has managed to work his way into so many facets of independent hip-hop. The only reason I know anything about him is from Danger Mouse/Danger Doom. I think Danger Doom does the Aqua Teen Hunger Force soundtrack, if I’m not mistaken.


    June 4, 2008 at 12:50 am

  2. Great stuff!

    I also heard about his false live appearance when someone just lip sync on his concert and I do find it quite funny.


    June 4, 2008 at 1:35 am

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yes, jacob, he does do the aqua teen theme. I am just getting in to that show more now. I like the song “Sofa King” and the song “The Mask” he did with ghostface, both in his dangerdoom project. Actually I am not too sure if the ghostface one is, but it still is great.

    And I can’t get over his live performances, I wouldn’t even care if he didn’t show up to a performance, I think its that awesome. haha.


    June 4, 2008 at 9:47 am

  4. Isn’t it schooly d that does the athf soundtrack?


    April 16, 2009 at 12:42 pm

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