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. . .of Darla Farmer. They’re a pretty decent band if you’re into the likes of Cursive’s Ugly Organ. Their label, Paper Garden Records (btw, great label, check ’em out), describes them as “Carnival Rock.” I suppose it’s a label that is pretty fitting, considering their eclectic range of influences and sound, even within the same song. They released their debut album, Rewiring the Electric Forest, last February, I think. Since then, I’ve gotten pretty into it. It’s a lot of comotion, their music.

Now, I saw this press release from the label the other day that I thought might be of interest:

Darla Farmer, Nashville’s own carnival-rock band, already features 7 diverse members to account for their the fresh new sound…but what if there was just one more? Now Darla Farmer is calling upon you to be the 8th! The band is now officially launching its full-album remix competition around their debut album, “Rewiring The Electric Forest”!

The band recorded their album in Omaha, NE last summer around Saddle-Creekers such as Cursive, The Faint, Maria Taylor and more, so for those of you that want to have your remix abilities heard, now is the time! The remix album, which will be titled, “Remixing The Electric Forest” will be digitally released at the end of the summer and will be featured on the front page of iTunes! 2 Winners will be chosen from Indaba Music as well, so sign up now to increase your odds of winning!

Paper Garden is now opening the floor for submissions and would love to hear what you can do with the album. Already having secured submissions from Optronix, Andrew Maury, Plus Move and more, you’ll have the chance to appear side by side with some of the biggest names in remixing!

You can check out the band at All submissions and individual track requests should be sent to

I don’t do any sort of mixing, I’ve never even tried. But listening to their stuff, I think there is some really interesting things that could happen. If you’re into mixing, why not give it a shot?

Even if you don’t enter the contest, check DF out anyway.

P.S. Here’s a description out of a review of their album

Listening to Rewiring the Electric Forests is like listening to a Klezmer band who found a bunch of Mighty Mighty Bosstones records, went to a Tom Waits show with Wayne Coyne, got drunk, took a cab to a recording studio and laid down a few tracks just to see how they’d come out. – First Coast News

Seriously? I thought “it’s like” statements this far out there only came from people trying to be ironic.


Written by Jacob Z

June 12, 2008 at 1:06 am

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  1. I love masked bands. It sort of gives them more freedom to do what they want or whatever.

    Hence my love for MF DOOM.

    I will check them out for sure though.


    June 13, 2008 at 9:42 am

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