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The Cure has new stuff + old Paste magazines make for good reading.

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So the release date has been pushed back and pushed back and pushed back, but it finally looks like the Cure might release their newest album in September. They’ve been touring with two song from it: “Freak Show,” and “The Only One.” “The Only One” is what everyone has come to expect from the Cure: good pop music from guys that look like they hate pop music. The second one is sort of a miss in my opinion, but when you’ve produced 25 studio albums, not everything is going to be fantastic. At least, that’s what I’ll tell myself.

Anyway, here’s the videos. I suggest just listening, not watching, because Robert Smith looks like hell. Seriously. Especially in black. He looks like a super bitchy mother.

“The Only One”

“Freak Show”

Now, in other…stuff, I was reading an issue of Paste magazine from April late last night and I came across some things that struck me as pretty interesting.

There was a piece about what music life would be like if My Bloody Valentine had released the promised follow-up to Loveless. The story itself was kind of boring, but they had an inset box of all the things Kevin Shields has said regarding a new album (keep in mind, no such album has been released):

“I was coming up with loads of songs, unusually complicated melodies–have about ten hours worth now.” Alternative Press, 1995

“It’s that back up against the wall feeling, but I’m fully armed!…Definitely an EP out this year, because that’ll be finished within a month.” KUCI, 1996

On when a new record would be out: “Definitely sometime this year or I’m dead.” AOL 1997

“What I do know is that somehow what I intend to do happens eventually … I intend to make a records, so it’ll happen barring some total breakdown of everything in the world. I can’t think of anything that’ll stop it.” Filter, 2004

“I pretty much know what the one that’s going to come out this year is going to sound like because it’s already pretty much three-quarters done already.”, 2007

“I do feel that I will make another great record. We are 100 percent going to make another My Bloody Valentine record unless we die or something.” Magnet, 2007

Well, Kevin, it’s been 12 years since you said you’d have something out this year and no one has died and the world hasn’t ended. Just sayin’.

Lastly, one contributor compiled a list of celebrities “bucket lists” in light of the movie by the same name. Here’s a few that I found amusing:

Rivers Cuomo:

Re-record Pinkerton without all that pesky emotion and soul.

Michael Cera (you know, that kid on Juno with a high voice?):

Stay up late

Go through puberty

Steve Jobs:

Force all mom-and-pop music shops out of business.


Reveal that I’m really Jared from the Subway commercials.

That’s all I’ve got for ya this time. I know, I know, parting is such sweet sorrow. I hope this picture helps:

It\'s almost like he\'s telling me \

It’s almost like he’s saying “NO, YOU are the chimbley sweep, you awesome man.” Thanks Colin, thanks.


Written by Jacob Z

June 18, 2008 at 11:17 am

2 Responses

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  1. lulz, Colin was drunk as hell when I saw him. Bourgeoisie that he is, he was drinking wine. A lot of wine. He had issues remember the words to his own songs.

    Damn, all this “this year” stuff is disconcerting. Hopefully he’ll actually do something this year since they’re touring. I know remastered versions of Loveless and Isn’t Anything come out, like, in… a few days actually, right?

    Marshall B

    June 18, 2008 at 4:37 pm

  2. I dunno for sure about release dates or anything, but when I read it, I was eerily reminded of a smoker who will quit “next year” every year.

    I hate it musicians get too hammered to perform well. It reminds me of once when I saw Bright Eyes, Simon Joyner (a good friend of Conor’s, I guess?) opened, and then for the finale he had Simon come out and sing Poison Oak with him or something. Simon was tripping all over the place and couldn’t pronounce any of the words. It was really hilarious.

    Jacob Z

    June 18, 2008 at 10:33 pm

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