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Beck: Modern Guilt

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I picked up Modern Guilt, Beck’s latest release, a few days ago at a Borders store while I was visiting the Denver area. Since then, I’ve listened to the CD all the way through maybe twice, so take these opinions with a grain of salt.

Beck is always a win, in my book. I don’t consider him godly, like a lot of indie-rockers tend to do, but he is definitely unique and creative. Part of Beck’s uniqueness stems from his vast range of influences. Generally, he is considered a folk artist, but his musical roots run so much deeper than any kind of folk. A listen to any album of his will reveal that. And Modern Guilt doesn’t really deviate from that multi-influential formula. So, in a way, this album is the same as many of his others, without being very similar at all. Since Sea Change, Beck’s albums have followed a similar trend of melancholy, each one more so than the last. This album is no different. The guitars play a large part in the down-beatness; throughout they tend to stay true to an open, Spoon-esque feel.

Perhaps, to me, the most appealing quality of Modern Guilt is its flow. The album blends very well and when listening, I never notice when a track changes. But not in the way that it all sounds like the same song. I think credit for that can partially go to the fact that Beck and the iconic Danger Mouse both produced this album.

The album is worth a listen or two. And I plan on listening to it much more. Although, it’s not an album I would start with were I someone just getting into Beck. The album is much darker than what he is most loved for.

Here’s “Gamma Ray”


Written by Jacob Z

July 15, 2008 at 7:12 pm

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