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Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers fans get into a fight (It’s not my fault they lack self-awareness!)

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Tokio Hotel fans, being the prissy scene girls and obsessives that they are, have taken to spamming Jonas Brothers’ fan sites with “pornography and violent photos“. Good job, guys! Stay classy!

“Tokio hotel took over almost all of Europe, and the Jonas Brothers have merely one country they have made a name for themselves in, the U.S.”

Allow me to rebut: Germany (the largest EU nation, according to Wikipedia) has a population of 82 million. The United States has a population of over 300 million people. But apparently being popular in EU nations, all of which are well-linked through what is basically a VERY loosely binding federal government (not to mention the fucking Euro — clearly, they are brilliant because they have taken over an entire portion of the world that uses the same currency! Good job, guys!), is better than being successful in the US. Uh, okay. Sure. This is another one of those idiotic, “My favorite band is really popular, so they must be good!” fallacies. Lots of dumb ass things are popular, not to mention, as white people are wont to do, Hitler.

Ah, but here a fan of the of course very sensitive and majestic Tokio Hotel explains why the band is really cool: “That’s real music, and best of all, they do not wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw [sic].”

Great, my favorite band doesn’t wear purity rings either. But, uh, if they did, what’s that have to do with their music anyway? Good to know bands are good because they fuck a lot of chicks. Nice. Way to go, fan girl bitch.

I am sorry for this coarse language and all, but people like this are just so incredibly annoying and over the top. Seriously, “best of all, they don’t wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not to afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw”? Wow, so apparently Teen Idles and Minor Threat aren’t good rock bands because they’re so against conquest sex. Good to know, I’ll put that down in my date book’s notes section.

Speaking of people with insatiable sex appetites, though, the wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy has released a new CD. I’m so glad that the wives of world leaders are finally writing lyrics like, “I am burning for you like a pagan woman.” Great, so a shitty new age religion, French people (I can tell French jokes because I have French ancestors, of course), politicians, and bad musicians are all colluding now — but wait, is this new?

DJ, DJ, Amy Winehouse tried to get all karaoke up in a club. Apparently it didn’t work out or something. I’m starting to not care.

Finally, I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this yet — and because it’s kind of old, it’s probably already been seen. But it was saved in my Google Reader favorites and I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet. So here it is: Sonic Youth keeps it rockin’. Thurston Moore goes WHAM on the Rolling Stone intern in the video (you can see the intern’s story here). Man, it’s so hardcore how those guys can rock that hard after they’ve been around nearly 30 years. Great stuff!


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  1. Great information and Blog. Thanks Keep Posting 🙂

    simi valley restaurants

    July 15, 2008 at 5:49 am

  2. I would rather castrate myself with hot iron brand than listen to Tokio Hotel. At least Jonas Brothers know there limitation when it comes to music, but Tokio Hotel fans cannot see the trend there band represent. Fuck, I hate Tokio Hotel!!!


    July 15, 2008 at 3:45 pm

  3. The Tokio Hotel main guy totally looks like a girl. I thought he was one for the longest time, but I really enjoy imagining fan girls at war.


    July 18, 2008 at 10:56 am

  4. I never thought I would find myself siding with “JoBros” fans.

    Jacob Z

    July 20, 2008 at 7:09 pm

  5. Yes, the fact that some fans spam other people’s pages (like Jonas Brothers, or whatever) is over-the-top and rude, and TH fans shouldn’t do it… but honestly, they do write amazing music. Of course, you guys don’t have to agree with me- everyone has different opinions. But insulting them- not cool. They have no idea that some of their fans are doing that!

    And anyways, only one of them (Tom) talks about sex. Honestly, most of the time, they’re about music.

    So yeah, the only comment so far from a TH lover… and I’m obviously not a “prissy scene/obsessive” girl. Stop stereotyping. ‘K? Thanks. 🙂


    November 22, 2008 at 8:03 pm

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