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Black Metal’s top 5 of the shittiest production value

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When Black Metal started emerging in the the Metal scene in the early 90’s (of course not counting the first wave Black Metal), Black Metal had a very very poor music production quality, or kvlt or gr1m as they call it. This was a social outcry to the world of Pop Music and Metal music and all its glory multi-million dollar production quality music. Thus emerging the cry of the shitty production value.  Bands at the time where recording music on the basement and making it sound as bad as possible. Recording it on answering machines. The more worse the production is, the better points you get in the circle.

I present to you the top 5 of all the shittiest production value of any Black Metal. By all means, I find this whole thing as a joke, but that doesn’t mean I hate the genre as a whole. So all you Black Metal purist out there reading this, fuck you and your shitty kvlt production. Stop recording music on your moms basement while you think your a Dark Elf or a Nazgul you nerd.

Number 5. Carpathian Forest- Journey Through The Cold Moors of Svarttjern

Number 4. Mayhem- Pure Fucking Armageddon

Number 3. Mutilation- My travels through sadness ,hate & depression

Number 2. Vlad Tepes- From The Celtic Moonfrost (The shittiest of all the LLN bands)

Number 1. Burzum- Lost Wisdom (What the fuck is going on here)

Of course, I like some of these bands, but I also laugh at this stuff from time to time.


Written by rippingcorpse

July 18, 2008 at 5:46 pm

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