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Ryan Adams responds to Courtney Love’s, “Hey, you ripped my daughter off!” charges

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It’s only fair I link to Stereogum’s coverage of the (as described well by one of the commenters, “It’s like watching the embodiment of syphilis and herpes fight.”) Ryan Adams v. Courtney Love discussion.

If you can’t be bothered (and I wouldn’t advise you be), you can just read what Adams has to say here:

to whom it may concern,

these days i find myself working harder than ever at being at my best, overcoming my fears and pushing myself creatively in my every endeavor. my only wish after the work is completed is that it may prove further evidence that no matter how isolated we all may all feel at times, as sad or misrepresented, we are not alone. there’s hope for and within each of us.

I’ve been dealing with the truth that i have at times been a bad example and/or glorified self destructive behavior. this was never intentional, but rather a consequence of leading a public life in plain sight and never expecting any sort of preferential treatment, isolation or protection.

Regardless of varied judgments as to my cultural relevance, i am thankfully alive and exercising my joy in creating. i only hope anyone who hears, reads or sees any of my contributions will permit the work to speak where i cannot.

i’ve realized and accepted that if people decide to dislike me, they’re going to find reasons to justify disliking me. there’s nothing i can do about that. that said, it still does pain me to be accused of fictional crimes against innocents or to be implicated in romantic gossip involving the possibly reality-challenged–however unreliable the source or outlandish the accusations. in the end, however, i know that i have never done or even meant anyone any harm.

anyway, the lives of public figures are so much more boring than anyone can imagine. honestly.

and also i like metal. A LOT. (even more than last time).

I’m not really sure I see an explicit denial of anything there. But oh well, at least there’s “hope for and within us.”

Denny’s is trying to be hip. Trying to appeal to the teenage diner-going audience. But which one does not belong? I’m going to hazard a guess and say, “What the fuck is Eagles of Death Metal doing there?” Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like an incredibly random choice to include in a breakfast dish, let alone a breakfast dish with the other bands described in the article. Does anyone even listen to Eagles of Death Metal? I do every once in awhile, I mean, but really, are they popular enough to get heart-shaped pancakes? This, I ask you!

So the NME (which someone laughed at me for reading stuff on their website) is all, “Yo, Gibby Hanes from the Butthole Surfers got all freaked out at a show.” I saw Anton Newcombe do much the same thing to a sound guy and there wasn’t a fight. No one got kicked in the head. No one was “fucking love.” No one had the Butthole Surfers’s bad teeth.

Okay, okay. Like, no one reading this is going to agree, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Electric Six. Their new video isn’t that absurd at all. I’ve been to Detroit and there really are guys in raptor masks and other guys with boas and short shorts. Fact. Don’t dispute; fact.

From the NME again (ooooo), Britney Spears is supposedly getting all S&M in here. Have to say it: she’s a slave 4 u. Just shoot me now.


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July 31, 2008 at 2:43 pm

Miley Cyrus has been offered a chance to prevent more Miley Cyruses

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Ah, funny thing. First Lil Wayne reminds us to go down strapped. Now it looks like Miley Cyrus has been offered a chance to tell the 11 year olds who watch her show that, indeed, condoms are a good thing. If the government isn’t going to do it (and they aren’t, because they’re the government), it seems like asking a 15 year old girl and a bad rapper to hawk condoms is a pretty good idea, if you ask me (Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?).

I think it’s good for a few reasons:

First, we don’t want more little Jonas Brothers, Tokio Hotel, and Miley Cyrus fans. Yes, we’re talking about population control and eugenics here, but who among us can say that they’re not afraid of electing a president 40 years down the road who once loved Tokio Hotel in his or her youth? Forget inhaling; no one gives a damn. We should all be deeply concerned about the future leader of the free world having once been a Tokio Hotel fan.

Another pretty good reason for Miley to do this is that this is sort of a no-win situation for her (I just realized that’s not a good reason). If she doesn’t do it, she’s white trash who is most likely pregnant with Kevin Jonas’s quintuplets. If she does, she’s further corrupting our youth because she happened to take pictures of herself in the shower or something and now she’s selling condoms to our youth. But on the whole of it, I think she looks like less of a hobo (Or Boho; thanks, Urban Dictionary! “True bohos are permanently alienated from society, as opposed to most “hip” people who are really just young and haven’t yet integrated into the social mainstream. Bohos are usually artsy, but the majority of them are not actually artists. They are usually poor throughout their lives, and often live in blue-collar or student neighborhoods. Affluent people often adopt boho affectations, but are unlikely to be real bohos.”) if she becomes a condom pitchwoman.

I also think it’s just a flat out good idea. You know, I don’t really think that anyone should be encouraging their children to look up to a 15 year old girl (I think most people reading this and everyone writing for it were once 15…?), but telling kids not to reproduce until they’re, you know, adults ready to make that commitment isn’t such a bad thing to tell your fans. Then again, your fans are 8 year olds and I’m not sure that that’s a crowd who needs to slap on the rubbers and go for a joy ride. So maybe it’s a really shitty idea that’s just going to corrupt our youth even more and make them listen to that devil negro rap that is so popular, and detrimental to their well being.


But anyway, this is old news by now (a week in internet time is practically a year), but here’s Pitchfork’s entire review for the latest Black Kids CD:

Pretty damn cheeky if you ask me! But finally something I and the ‘fork can agree on.

But once again, Pitchfork picks a random number out of the hat — 3.3 (it was originally 0.0, but thank God it was 0.0 and not 0.2 or 0.5 or something!) — and smacks it onto a CD like anyone seriously makes a CD buying decision based on tenths of a number. Okay!

I think someone should tackle the issue of Pitchfork in an upcoming entry.

I tried to listen to the first Black Kids’ CD a really long time ago. Lemme tell you what, I couldn’t get past the first couple tracks. I was once patronized that it’s, “Good if you like to dance, like me.” I guess. But I could think of other things better to dance to. Maybe. I don’t know. Anyway, the point is that the album sucked and the band sucks and it just all sucks.

Go buy some condoms.

Hat tip to Idolator for the Miley story and Stereogum for the Black Kids piece.

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July 29, 2008 at 2:15 pm

Cold War Kids: Loyalty to Loyalty

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I’m in love with the Cold War Kids. Their first album, Robbers and Cowards, is genius track after genius track about a myriad of things from a man on death row to some pretty messed up self-examination. On top of that, they put on the best live show I’ve ever seen. So, naturally, I was very excited when I found out they slapped a release date on their newest album, Loyalty to Loyalty : September 3.

They haven’t released any tracks (and we haven’t been fortunate enough for any to leak *wink*) except for “Something is Not Right With Me.” It can be found on their MySpace. It’s kind of short, but it’s definitely a pretty good song. The structure is a little more organized than what most of the songs from Robbers were; there are a lot less random noises. The lyrics and the vocals are great. Nathan Willet has a way of making the listener feel the way he does. Throughout the chorus, I get a pang of pity, as Willet shouts “something is not right with me/something is not right with me/something is not right with me/how was I supposed to know?”

It’s a great song, and definitely an album I’ll be picking up. If you haven’t heard much of the Cold War Kids’ stuff, check out “Hang Me Up to Dry” and “Hospital Beds.”

Written by Jacob Z

July 24, 2008 at 10:49 am

Tapes are still popular

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So apparently, tapes are still popular music distribution in prison. Weird. They said in California State Prison, that tapes are still on demand. CD’s are not prohibited because it could easily be made into a shank when your rocking out to Fall Out Boy or Mariah Carrey in prison.

So I guess music is still being kept real in the house. So next time you make make a throw away round on your old mix tapes, think of the prisoners in California, because they need it!

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July 21, 2008 at 6:58 pm

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Courtney Love accuses Ryan Adams of stealing from her daughter

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Sweet, celebrity blogging!

I have no idea if she’s speaking the truth, if she’s high, or if… whatever, but Courtney Love is convinced that Ryan Adams stole approximately 858,000 dollars from Frances Bean’s trust fund. Uhhh, okay. Ryan Adams annoys me — I’ll give you that. But, er, taking several years to figure out that almost a million dollars has gone missing? Okay! She’s completely insane, man. Insane! The only person I feel bad for is her daughter; it’s gotta be incredibly rough growing up knowing that your mom had “very safe sex” with Ryan Adams. I know it’d scar me, anyway.

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July 19, 2008 at 2:05 pm

Last.FM Beta

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Okay, I’m not sure if they’re rolling this out more or if this is just because I’m special, but there is now a link on my Last.FM page that says “New! View the beta version of this page.” You guys can try it, if you have Last.FM, by clicking here. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s now a public beta or if I finally came up in line. I haven’t gotten an email saying, “Yo, you’re part of our shindig now!” so it might be a totally open thing now.

Anyway, it looks fantastic, in my opinion, and I’m really digging it.

Just thought I’d let you all know. As always, you can find my here: Dogbert32

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July 16, 2008 at 1:20 am

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Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers fans get into a fight (It’s not my fault they lack self-awareness!)

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Tokio Hotel fans, being the prissy scene girls and obsessives that they are, have taken to spamming Jonas Brothers’ fan sites with “pornography and violent photos“. Good job, guys! Stay classy!

“Tokio hotel took over almost all of Europe, and the Jonas Brothers have merely one country they have made a name for themselves in, the U.S.”

Allow me to rebut: Germany (the largest EU nation, according to Wikipedia) has a population of 82 million. The United States has a population of over 300 million people. But apparently being popular in EU nations, all of which are well-linked through what is basically a VERY loosely binding federal government (not to mention the fucking Euro — clearly, they are brilliant because they have taken over an entire portion of the world that uses the same currency! Good job, guys!), is better than being successful in the US. Uh, okay. Sure. This is another one of those idiotic, “My favorite band is really popular, so they must be good!” fallacies. Lots of dumb ass things are popular, not to mention, as white people are wont to do, Hitler.

Ah, but here a fan of the of course very sensitive and majestic Tokio Hotel explains why the band is really cool: “That’s real music, and best of all, they do not wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw [sic].”

Great, my favorite band doesn’t wear purity rings either. But, uh, if they did, what’s that have to do with their music anyway? Good to know bands are good because they fuck a lot of chicks. Nice. Way to go, fan girl bitch.

I am sorry for this coarse language and all, but people like this are just so incredibly annoying and over the top. Seriously, “best of all, they don’t wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not to afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw”? Wow, so apparently Teen Idles and Minor Threat aren’t good rock bands because they’re so against conquest sex. Good to know, I’ll put that down in my date book’s notes section.

Speaking of people with insatiable sex appetites, though, the wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy has released a new CD. I’m so glad that the wives of world leaders are finally writing lyrics like, “I am burning for you like a pagan woman.” Great, so a shitty new age religion, French people (I can tell French jokes because I have French ancestors, of course), politicians, and bad musicians are all colluding now — but wait, is this new?

DJ, DJ, Amy Winehouse tried to get all karaoke up in a club. Apparently it didn’t work out or something. I’m starting to not care.

Finally, I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this yet — and because it’s kind of old, it’s probably already been seen. But it was saved in my Google Reader favorites and I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet. So here it is: Sonic Youth keeps it rockin’. Thurston Moore goes WHAM on the Rolling Stone intern in the video (you can see the intern’s story here). Man, it’s so hardcore how those guys can rock that hard after they’ve been around nearly 30 years. Great stuff!