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Alice Cooper tries to save Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse’s father gives insights as to why she’s nuts. (Girls with Low Self-Esteem!)

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Well, it sure is nice of ol’ Alice Cooper to give some kind words out to Amy Winehouse. It’s not-so-nice of Amy Winehouse’s dad to say he’d rather have a wax impression of his daughter than the real deal. How kind! Clearly this moves her one step forward, closer to recovery.

Well, so, it looks like Britney Spears’s mom killed a 12 year old boy in 1975. But it’s okay Mrs. (Ms.?) Spears, in 1975, who wasn’t killing 12 year olds? Really? Who among us can say they were so pure in the ’70s? This reminds me of the, as far as I know, unsubstantiated rumor that her mom slept with Kevin Federline.

And that’s your music gossip for the day.


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July 24, 2008 at 1:27 pm

Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers fans get into a fight (It’s not my fault they lack self-awareness!)

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Tokio Hotel fans, being the prissy scene girls and obsessives that they are, have taken to spamming Jonas Brothers’ fan sites with “pornography and violent photos“. Good job, guys! Stay classy!

“Tokio hotel took over almost all of Europe, and the Jonas Brothers have merely one country they have made a name for themselves in, the U.S.”

Allow me to rebut: Germany (the largest EU nation, according to Wikipedia) has a population of 82 million. The United States has a population of over 300 million people. But apparently being popular in EU nations, all of which are well-linked through what is basically a VERY loosely binding federal government (not to mention the fucking Euro — clearly, they are brilliant because they have taken over an entire portion of the world that uses the same currency! Good job, guys!), is better than being successful in the US. Uh, okay. Sure. This is another one of those idiotic, “My favorite band is really popular, so they must be good!” fallacies. Lots of dumb ass things are popular, not to mention, as white people are wont to do, Hitler.

Ah, but here a fan of the of course very sensitive and majestic Tokio Hotel explains why the band is really cool: “That’s real music, and best of all, they do not wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw [sic].”

Great, my favorite band doesn’t wear purity rings either. But, uh, if they did, what’s that have to do with their music anyway? Good to know bands are good because they fuck a lot of chicks. Nice. Way to go, fan girl bitch.

I am sorry for this coarse language and all, but people like this are just so incredibly annoying and over the top. Seriously, “best of all, they don’t wear fake purity rings, but instead they are a real rock band that are not to afraid to admit how many girls they banged before their interveiw”? Wow, so apparently Teen Idles and Minor Threat aren’t good rock bands because they’re so against conquest sex. Good to know, I’ll put that down in my date book’s notes section.

Speaking of people with insatiable sex appetites, though, the wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy has released a new CD. I’m so glad that the wives of world leaders are finally writing lyrics like, “I am burning for you like a pagan woman.” Great, so a shitty new age religion, French people (I can tell French jokes because I have French ancestors, of course), politicians, and bad musicians are all colluding now — but wait, is this new?

DJ, DJ, Amy Winehouse tried to get all karaoke up in a club. Apparently it didn’t work out or something. I’m starting to not care.

Finally, I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this yet — and because it’s kind of old, it’s probably already been seen. But it was saved in my Google Reader favorites and I just hadn’t gotten around to posting it yet. So here it is: Sonic Youth keeps it rockin’. Thurston Moore goes WHAM on the Rolling Stone intern in the video (you can see the intern’s story here). Man, it’s so hardcore how those guys can rock that hard after they’ve been around nearly 30 years. Great stuff!

Who would have thought that Germans don’t like people wearing Nazi memorabilia?

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Not ol’ Lemmy!

So the problem here is that the Germans are still a little sore about the whole Nazism/WWII thing, you know? But then, I mean, they were totally and utterly humiliated after being totally and utterly humiliated in the first World War. Really, Germany is a totally and utterly humiliated country in general. Seriously, the food? Not so hot.

Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead comes in here: He decided to wear a Nazi hat (“Nazi hat” sounds so cutesy — something out of Katamari Damacy or Animal Crossing, really — when we’re talking about the symbol of mass murder here!) at a photoshoot in Germany. Hasn’t this guy learned from idiots like David Irving that Germany really doesn’t like being reminded of anything Nazi-related? At least he didn’t go all Max Mosley.

Idolator tells us that finally, yes finally, Avril Lavigne’s fashion line has made its full debut at Kohl’s. Avril is not a punk rocker, but I think this just further illustrates how fucking dumb ass any attempt at “punk fashion” is.

Amy Winehouse doesn’t even make the debut story on this blog anymore. Sad things. Apparently, like the other day when she randomly hit that dude in a bar, it was because she had just gotten out of rehab. At least, that’s what the story seems to imply. I like how they say she, “supped drinks.” Amy Winehouse “supping drinks” makes it sound like she only has the occasional beer, just like the rest of us! Good PR.

When a friend of mine told me Kidz Bop was coming to the 9:30 Club in DC, I was… amused. Apparently it’s true! Rock on, Kidz.

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July 10, 2008 at 5:07 pm

Amy Winehouse punches out some random dude at a bar. Maybe.

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So the NME tells us that Amy Winehouse slapped a guy around for, as far as we know, doing nothing. It’s good to know from Winehouse’s “associate” that Amy is, “no shrinking violet.” Really.

Portishead is already working on a 4th album. Obvious joke is obvious: “Maybe they’ll call it Fourth.”

David Lee Roth was saved by the Canadians. Yes, it’s true. Ironically, Roth has an allergy to nuts.

Mashable has a sweet list of music-related websites up. Some of the mixtape sites are pretty cool, actually — in particular.

Here’s an example:

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”63e5e6508a7bd5e605ed4e8c1f746ff1″ pid=”cab5ee82e69f64fad233c1e28e5967e5″ un=”Shoegazer” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Secret Machines has a new CD in the works. Exciting! Good stuff.

lil wayne Ever want to get drunk on a classy rapper’s classy champagne? Lil Wayne now fulfills those wants. Not only is he going to make, I’m sure, great wine, but he’s also a humanitarian. Kids, remember: Lil Wayne wants you to wear a condom.

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July 9, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Amy Winehouse’s husband perverts justice (and smokes heroin)

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It’s pretty sweet that, in Britain, you can prosecuted for “perverting the course of justice.” I’m confused as to how you get heroin while you’re in prison, especially as the husband of a famous celebrity. It seems like you’d get extra attention or something. Anyhow, the story comes with more details on the NME.

I’m with Idolator on this whole 311 thing. I just woke up, so maybe it’s my drowsiness, but did that guy from 311 make any sense whatsoever? I love the closing paragraph:

In high school, I wrote a two-out-of-ten review of 311’s Transistor for the teen page of my local paper, which ran the same day as their headlining show. Mark McGrath, of opening act Sugar Ray, actually called out the piece on stage, finding fault in claims like “bevy of crap,” “tuneless drivel,” and “Vanilla Ice performing at Disney’s Tiki Tiki Room.” Over ten years later, they’re still playing godawful reggae-metal, and I’m still being paid to say they suck. Some things never change.

“Vanilla Ice performing at Disney’s Tiki Tiki Room.” I’ll have to remember that one, indeed.

It’s okay, Kanye. I’d want a life size portrait of myself in angel garb if I was a hip hop superstar, too. It’s okay to admit it, bebe.

I have no clue who Khia is, or why she’s mounting what looks like a drum on her CD cover, but celebrity blogging sure is the best. “Say hello to my little Jewish friend……..” Hi, little Jewish friend!

For those who still listen to The Vines, they’re streaming their new album for free online.

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July 7, 2008 at 2:41 pm

Kid Rock philosophizes further about theft. And other news!

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Truly, Kid Rock is a shaman and a sage of our times.

The LA Times reports that Amy Winehouse really is at death’s door unless she, you know, stops smoking crack cocaine.

Are you a hipster? Does your favorite band have a great sense of direction and a nobel sense of justice — unlike Stephen Malkmus? Cool! They’re offering to show you around town.

Pitchfork offers an excellent (I wince saying that) review of My Bloody Valentine’s non-rehearsal debut.

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June 23, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Hard rockin’ experimental band Vampire Weekend releases Oxford Com(m)a video.

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Just when you thought those indie rockers who rose up from the projects of Chicago to pen such brilliant songs as A-Punk and Oxford Coma Comma couldn’t get more independent, they have. Pete Wentz, arbiter of independent music, has apparently introduced the video. Those of you who still watch MTV had better prepare yourselves to be blown away by this (“this” is actually just a teaser because youtube doesn’t have the official video up yet), which I’m sure will be on heavy rotation now:

The statement from Vampire Weekend that “we’re not gonna be scared to make music that is weird or unusual or immediately accessible” amuses me. If you guys do that with your next CD, my hat’s off to you. I won’t believe you have unusual or not immediately accessible music until I hear it, though. Or until it alienates MTV’s viewers.

Is Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio somehow related to Scott Baio, a.k.a., Bob Lob Law? If so, you, sir, are a mouthful.

Visiting the land of updates, we discover that Amy Winehouse does not have tuberculosis. Nelson Mandela has no comment.

But as far as “not immediately accessible” goes, I now have an excuse to post some Gang of Four.

Thank you Youtube for allowing brilliant prose such as, “ma main man andy gill used a homosexual setup becuase he thought it gave him a more crunchy sound, like the crunch of a mans cock inside his ass hole………” to finally have a home. This unique twist on the word “asshole” reminds me of one of my favorite XKCD strips.

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June 21, 2008 at 8:58 pm